Commonwealth Education Connections, Inc. (CEC) is a system of K 12 college-preparatory international and global affairs charter schools. CEC schools provide strong academic outcomes for their scholars through initiatives including meaningful community involvement. CEC uses community leadership to help revitalize the neighborhood as it operates its schools in that community. CEC’s international focus is to deliver to our students an outstanding “think globally, act locally” centered education of the highest global and domestic standards, while guiding students down a path in which they learn to be inquisitive, seek and find answers, and enjoy the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake. With high expectations, our ambition is for each of our students is to explore the unknown like Matthew Henson and rationale like WEB Du Bois. By this we mean, we want all our students to develop the disciplined expertise and creative imagination they need to find their place in the great global society, and solve problems and meet needs within their communities.